How to Win at Social Media

Nowadays most people have a smartphone and social media meaning that there is a new opportunity of potential customers to target. This new audience is vast and covers a wide range of audiences however with the tips below hopefully, you can be one step closer to bringing more customers through the door.

1. Know Your Style

Are you going for a tropical look? Trying to look local? Aiming to be a digital showcase of your store? Regardless of what the actual goal is, it is important to consider the purpose of your social media as this will help determine what you post.

2. Post Relevant Pics

People follow brands for a reason. They normally like the photos you post or are generally loyal fans of the brand. It only makes sense that your posts are relevant to the message you are sending out.

For example, if you are a fitness company, you would post fitness related pictures or posts such as home workouts, motivational quotes, expert opinions, or showcase your gym facilities. This covers both aspects of gaining the user’s interests and giving loyal fans what they are after.

3. Comment, Like, Repeat

Interaction is a key factor to growing on social platforms and succeeding as a business. If people are going out of their way to leave a comment a simple reply would mean the world to them. Sometimes it is also important to reach outside of your circle and start connecting with the community.

Take time to find other profiles that are in your area of business and like their photos, send a few likes their way and maybe they will be your next customer.

4. Growth Takes Time

Lastly, know that growth takes time. Ask any social media influencer and they will say the same. To grow on any platform takes time. Posting regularly, engaging with the community and posting relevant content can make the process faster however don’t expect overnight success.

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