What Every Business Website Needs

Making a website is one of the most effective ways to take your business digital. A business website provides a space for potential customers to browse your products/services, learn about the company, and most importantly give contact details. This is good on paper however how do these ideas translate to pages on a website? Read on to find out.

business website
aesthetic appeal
Trust features
Contact Details

Aesthetic Appeal

The key to any website is an attractive design. Colours, layouts, pictures, videos, clean layout. These are all simple things that can help keep customers on your site for longer. Gaining traffic can often be tiresome so it only makes sense that you keep visitors on your site as long as possible. Even small things such as pictures of products or using complimentary colours can turn a basic website into a physically appealing design that draws in customers.

  • Use complimentary colours or brand colours
  • High focus on pictures and videos
  • Design with minimalism in mind (less is more)

Trust Features

If a customer trusts your brand then the opportunities are endless. Trust can be built by providing honest reviews, being authentic with your photos and showing the staff behind the business. You would be surprised how many people wish they could see behind the curtains of their favourite coffee shop or small business. By sharing your authentic side and showing some personality, customers can really feel comfortable knowing they are in good hands.

  • Emphasis on the staff behind the brand
  • Authentic reviews
  • Show a behind the scenes perspective

Contact Details

The most essential feature, the contact details. Without contact details a business website is simply a wasted advertisement. When customers are ready to move forwards or want more information allow them to contact you! By simply providing company details or even a simple enquiry form, your business website can capture more leads and allow customers to reach out if needed. The easier it is to find the details, the better it is for your customers.

  • Make it easy to find phone numbers, emails, locations etc.
  • Link to social media channels
  • Add an enquiry form
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